Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

Knives start at $2 for a very small knife and go up to $10 for a very long blade. The average chef's knife is $7. Serrated knives can cost more depending on the dullness and number of serrations. Scissors average $7 a pair.


What is the best way to carry my knives to the market?

Wrapped in a terrycloth towel or a knife case.


What is the best knife to buy?

My current favorite high-end knife is Kikuichi:

I also recommend Mac Knives:


Do you sharpen serrated knives?



Do you sharpen scissors, chisels, mezzalunas?

Yes, yes, yes.


Do you sharpen all knives by hand?

I have an electric grinder that I use sometimes for very thick, stubborn knives but for the most part, I do everything by hand.


Do you repair knives?

Yes. I can put a new tip on a knife and straighten out dings and bends.



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